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If you are fed up with working on discouraging, vapid and unnecessary projects, if you want to move beyond borders and reveal your ideas to the world, our team will be glad to help you reach your goals. Together we are sure to make progress and turn awesome ideas into ready cash!


What we do

DiJust team provides all kinds of corresponding services ready to withstand competition. Every DiJust project receives individual attention backed up by unique ideas and approaches necessary to reach success.
We always carry out minute analysis before starting any activity in order to provide the most accurate data concerning that or another issue. As a result, all our projects are completely on a par with the high standards of the industry.
All and sundry app is designed using up-to-date technologies that can astonish even professionals. We are proud of our work which quality is of overall priority.


Our experts create all kinds of solutions satisfying all possible requirements of our customers. Starting with mobile development and ending with all possible web projects our specialists impose the most innovative methods in the industry.
Modern technologies have the tendency to change at great rates and DiJust team always copes with gaining on competitors to fulfill all customers’ needs on a higher level. Every idea gains the opportunity to be realized with a glance to all peculiarities and details. We always perform our work from stem to stern as we see every project as a separate work of art.

iOS/Android Mobile Development
Mobile apps development

Coping with challenging tasks is one of DiJust’s favorite activities that is why our apps for Android and iOS devices namely take the breath away. The creation process includes the full structure. The development cycle involves planning, careful monitoring, researching, architecture, designing, and testing. Only delicate lead-up to every development step can ensure the best results possible to achieve.
All iOS and Android devices users can give a try to our apps and they are sure to be satisfied as DiJust works tend to be outstanding, user-friendly and relevant.
DiJust employees burn out to turn the boldest ideas into reality.

Online Games Development
Online games development

Nowadays online gaming has become extremely popular, as the majority of all possible entertainments have found their second life on web. DiJust Company is proud of its contribution to this branch of the gaming business. We develop the most innovative gaming solutions that can be easily found online. Every game created by our highly skilled team can boast of thrilling plot, exciting sound and visual effects and extraordinary graphics. All these features together with modern development tools help us in creating outstanding products highly appreciated by the audience of players and developers. Many our projects have been exhibited at international shows and conferences and received the highest appraisals.

Web Development
Web development

DiJust team creates not only gaming content but also deals with web development. We create modern sites with a variety of management tools to make the admin’s and user’s experience as comfortable as it can be achieved.
DiJust web projects can be marked by high quality performance that is reached due to the most talented professionals’ engagement. Cooperative spirit and teamwork ensure the prominent results that inspire to achieve more.
DiJust web development has proved the top service level and we are not going to stop improving our skills and tools to keep pace.

QA Testing
QA testing

High quality is our second name that is ensured by the multilevel QA testing provided by DiJust. We have modern test labs where experienced testers can use all variety of tools to make the releases great. We always challenge ourselves and ensure fixing all possible bugs by means of manual and automated testing. QA testing concerns all possible kinds of products starting with mobile and desktop testing and ending up with unexpected issues. Our profound knowledge let us take up the most complicated challenges, as we are not afraid of obstacles and complexities. Using up-to date methods and equipment turns our work into the real magic, which we are ready to share.

Other Services

DiJust can boast of multifunctional activity, that is why we provide our customers with substantially all possible services available in the IT-sphere. We not only create innovative IT-solutions and awesome games but also ensure the overall service package that may include marketing researches, SEO services, promotions, technical support and more. We are proud of our professional team that can cope with nearly any task challenged by the customer. The full range service separates us from the competitors, as we are ready to perform our work fully to its end.

Market Research
Market Research

Every project should be started using the most up-to-date data concerning its market and competitors. DiJust specialists never work blindly by guess and begin with profound research process that gives the path towards the project’s goal. Various approaches widely used by our specialists broaden the working tools selection, which is the first step towards success. Deep analysis together with nonstandard ideas open wide horizons for every project performed by DiJust team, which is always wide-awake.

Search Engine Optimization Services
Search Engine Optimization Services

Together with all above-mentioned services, we never forget about search engine optimization, which is the turnkey towards the future app or game popularity. That is not a secret that every product should be promoted so that web users could easily find it. That is why search engine optimization is so important. DiJust Company has one of the biggest SEO departments where experienced professionals work and newcomers are trained. Our methods yield fruits so every customer is sure to find his project in the top-list of each search engine.

Promotion Activities
Promotion Activities

DiJust team always use comprehensive methods to achieve best results that is why we never stop involving new approaches into the promotional process. Various bonus offers, SEO methods, blogs and forum posting, social media marketing tools and many other serve our main purpose — the future success of all our projects. We are ready to cope with the most difficult tasks and bit competitors on the market as being the top IT Company is our goal and highest priority.
We are ready to penetrate any market that is needed to create the new brand in the world of IT solutions.

Professional Trainings
Professional Trainings

Modern technologies never stop improving that is why even the most skilled and respected professionals always need to strive forth. We ensure the overall training introducing our workers to all upcoming innovations in the world of IT technologies and related branches. Our motto is creating the most smart and competitive employees ourselves working as a team of adherents. DiJust Company is well known for its deep and proven techniques turning eager young specialists into the real masters. We are always glad to share our knowledge with those who are not afraid to face difficulties and fix them.

24/7 Tech Support
24/7 Tech Support

Digital world is amazing but not as predictable as we want it to be. That is the reason why some issues occur from time to time. However, there is nothing to worry about. DiJust is manned up with extra-trained support team ready to help with any issue anytime our customers need. You can contact us any way you like picking the most convenient method especially for you. Our support advisors are available via chat, phone, e-mail, etc. Do not hesitate to ask any possible question and it will be quickly resolved due to the professional and immediate work performance. DiJust tech support is accessible 24/7 so there is no need to wait — as anytime is appropriate.


We are looking for talented professionals


The Company requires 2d-artist for a full-time employment in Kiev.

  • Create complex visual effects for gambling games based on concept;
  • Particles, fluids, liquids;
  • 2D Animations;
  • Character Animation;
  • Collaboration with developers;
  • 2+ years experience with After Effects, Photoshop;
  • Thorough knowledge of the game development process;
  • Experience developing particle systems and geometry based visual effects.
Technical artist

The Company requires Technical artist for a full-time employment in Kiev.

  • experience in preparing art resources for subsequent implementation in software products;
  • 2 years of experience in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator;
  • Interest in creating gambling games;
  • Ability to work in parallel on several projects, and perform the task in the established time frame;
  • Good communication skills, not conflict, initiative;
Affiliate Team Lead

The Company requires Affiliate Manager for a full-time employment in Kiev.

  • 2 years уxperience in e-commerce / internet marketing;
  • Understanding Affiliate Marketing, the basics of search engines, web-analytics, website building;
  • Experience with webmasters, advertisers, affiliate programs;
  • Experience with media advertising (teaser, banner networks);
  • Profound knowledge of SEO, PPC, e-mail marketing;
  • Striving for professional development and interest in online advertising trends;
  • High level of English;
Senior Mediabuyer

The Company requires Middle or Senior Mediabuyer for a full-time employment in Kiev.

  • higher education;
  • deep understanding of Digital-advertising market and lead generation;
  • understanding the principles of arbitration and traffic conversion;
  • traffic purchase experience on the model of CPC, CPM, CPA, CPL with large budgets;
  • successful negotiation experience;
  • ability to analyze a large amount of information;
  • English level - fluent;
Senior SEO specialist

The Company requires Senior SEO specialist for a full-time employment in Kiev.

  • Experience SEO promotion in the CIS from 3 years;
  • Knowledge of SEO tools;
  • Deep understanding of classic marketing, internet marketing, copywriting, UX / UI;
  • Analytical mindset, understanding of the basics of HTML, CSS;
  • Experience in highly competitive areas (gambling, binary, forex, payday loans, essay);
IT Project Manager

The Company requires Devops Engineer for a full-time employment in Kiev.

  • At least 3 years of experience as a DevOps engineer;
  • Linux Debian / Ubuntu at the system administrator level;
  • Knowledge of Python, BASH script;
  • General understanding of the principles of relational DBMS;
  • Previous experience with TeamCity;
  • Git / GitLab;
  • Zabbix (v5);
  • Docker;
  • Nginx, php-fpm;
  • Knowledge of English at the level of reading technical documentation.
Product manager

The Company requires Product manager for a full-time employment in Kiev.

  • experience in the position of Product Manager on complex web products - from 3 years;
  • experience in the product team of 10+ people;
  • experience improving basic KPI web product;
  • experience in conducting A / B, A / A tests and other ways to optimize conversion;
  • understanding of UI / UX principles, analytics (GA, POWER BI or equivalent);
  • analytical / technical background (preferably, but not necessarily);
  • independence, responsibility, focus on results;

The Company requires Middle Manual QA Engineer for a full-time employment in Kiev.

  • Experience in testing of web and/or mobile applications (2+ years);
  • Strong knowledge of testing processes and approaches;
  • Experience in test documentation creation (check lists, test plan, test cases);
  • Understanding of client-server architecture;
  • Experience in using tools — Firebug, Developer tools, Figma, etc.;
  • Experience with Jira, Confluence, TestRail or similar test management tools;
  • Experience working in an Agile/Scrum team;
  • Basic SQL knowledge;
  • Excellent communications skills, proactivity;
  • Willingness to grow and develop;
  • Be well self-organized.

The Company requires Front-End Team Lead for a full-time employment in Kiev.

  • Manage a team of 5-7 engineers;
  • Be responsible for positive microclimate in the team;
  • Share knowledge with teammates;
  • Be responsible for engineer's professionаlism, personаl growth, аnd well being;
  • Define and prioritize the teams' technical roadmap;
  • Design, development аnd support of SPА-аpplicаtions of the compаny's products (development from scrаtch).
Senior Frontend developer

The Company requires Middle or Senior Frontend (Vue.js) developer for a full-time employment in Kiev.

  • 2+ years experience as Front-end Developer;
  • Ability to write clean and readable code on JavaScript, TypeScript;
  • Solid knowledge of Vue, Vuex;
  • Knowlege of Scss;
  • Knowlege of Webpack;
  • Ability to work with Git, Jira, GitFlow;
  • Experience and knowledge of Figma;
  • Proactivity, open-minded, self-organization, friendliness.


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